SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a method to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results, which, in turn, attracts a targeted audience and increases traffic. Google is the best known search engine, but there are dozens of others.

By SEO on site understand all types of modification that are made to the content of the website and is intended to make the site more attractive for both those who visited him and for the search engines. And when we say SEO on site we refer strictly to the key words, because the search in the search engines is made on the basis of them.
SEO off site may be called the method which helps to increase the popularity of a site. This is done by means of obtaining Backlinks from sites top rated necessarily sites which must be in the same niche with website we want to promote. This method can bring visitors, but can help and that the site may be promoted in the search engines, i.e. to have results in the first few pages.

It’s best to incorporate search engine optimization in the early stages of website development. Our team can, however, revamp an existing website for SEO without service interruption.

Effective search engine optimization requires both technical and marketing expertise. Usually, SEO involves a work quite complex, in which there is a need for a lot of patience because the results do not appear immediately, but traffic will come as a result of this optimization will be a good quality and for a long time. Our team understands not only how search engines work, but how your target audience uses the internet to find your company and your competitors as well as your products or services.

In SEO you will always see the real results of your activities with several months of delay. If you do something right now, you’ll see the results from this only in a couple of months, but not tomorrow or even in a week.

  • On site SEO-  it is a must.
  • Off site SEO-  we use white hat methods, and this is why the changes need time to happen
  • SEO is a long-term investment, not a short-term. You cannot buy 10 links today and see the results tomorrow – this why we recommend at 6 months starting package.
  • We use natural anchor text distribution formula
  • We help you choose the right keywords ( analyzing competition and  the right niche) – we recommend 5 right keywords
  • To look natural to Google, the offsite SEO must be performed slowly and steadily
  • Google ignores links, which are younger than 3 months old – So when your rankings start to dance (drop down, improve, again drop down and again improve, etc.), it means that everything is going fine.
  • You should keep your link building plan until it’s fully completed before you decide how well it works. It’s so important that we wanted to highlight this once again – you should NOT expect to see the results quickly because it just doesn’t work with Google like that.